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Amethyst statues

Amethyst geodes

Citrine Geodes

Onyx Vases

Onyx hearts

Petrified palm wood


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12ob-11_small.jpg (5806 bytes) (164495 bytes)

Mystic Ice Crystals

Polished petrified wood trunk sections

New petrified wood from Indonesia


Amethyst Crystals
on wood base

Lapis Lazuli Chunks
from Afghanistan


camel-1_small.jpg (2149 bytes)


Amethyst necklaces

Fossilized Sand Dollars

Hand-carved onyx bears

Frosted selenite clusters

Hand carved onyx camels

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crocteeth-2_small.jpg (1704 bytes)

Lapis jewelry from Afghanistan

Moroccan aragonite clusters

Himalayan Salt lamps
and bowls

Labradorite cutting rough Gem quality

Polished Polychrome Jasper pieces

Prehistoric fossilized crocodile jaw sections

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brngon-17_small.jpg (2027 bytes)

Blue Kyanite specimens

Black Kyanite

Fairy quartz crystals

7 colors calcite rough

Botrioydal Hematite

Whole brown goniatites


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bismuth-3.jpg (194869 bytes)

tribowl-3_small.jpg (1943 bytes)

Carved Onyx Frogs

Polished rose quartz crystals

Seashell baskets


Bismuth specimens

Trilobite display bowls..unique item...


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grape-10_small.jpg (1965 bytes) (2208 bytes) (2356 bytes)

Burmese Teak items

Polished Onyx grape clusters...

Hand carved onyx apples

Belt Buckles

Pink marble spheres and pyramids

Decorator Agates without wood base


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nugon-29_small.jpg (2063 bytes)

amberbutterfly_small.jpg (2360 bytes)

babyfish-1_small.jpg (2067 bytes)

Nice fish fossils

Rock crystal lamps

Whole polished goniatites

Amber pendants

Tumbled stones

Carved onyx fish


sep-shph-8_small.jpg (2581 bytes)

bunny-6_small.jpg (1857 bytes) (1619 bytes)

fosbowl-1_small.jpg (1776 bytes)

Septarian Carvings

Hand carved bunnies

Rough rock for slabbing

Fossilized Shark Teeth

Carved Onyx Turtles

Fossil Bowls


aragegg-10.jpg (162308 bytes)

crackerx.jpg (211559 bytes)

New polished quartz crystals

Museum quality
trilobite clusters

Rose quartz
massage points

Decorator agates on
wood bases...nice!

Root Beer aragonite
eggs and spheres

"Crack your own"
crystal lined geodes


Labradorite spheres

thin agate slabs

Onyx Pyramids

Mini Agates

Huge polished agates

"A" grade agate bookends

xl-1.jpg (475779 bytes)

Polished smoky quartz crystals

Mini quartz crystal clusters $3.00and up

Exotic Brazilian agate spheres   25% off!

Amethyst, Citrine and Quartz Crystal Necklaces

Assorted Crystals on
Wood Bases

single natural quartz crystals

Colemanite specimens

Carved onyx chess sets

Fossilized exogyra snails

Gypsum/Selenite crystals

India zeolite specimens

Polished Fluorite Crystals


straw-6_small.jpg (2789 bytes)

4paksphere-3.jpg (326399 bytes)

Giant strawberry onyx eggs

Black (not just smokey) quartz clusters

Banded onyx eggs and spheres

Carved onyx angel statues

Giant black onyx,marble eggs/spheres

Hand painted porcelain vases


Slabs for cabbing

Fluorite specimens

Arkansas crystal clusters!

Thick agate slabs

Peruvian Pyrite Crystals

scent bowls


doublecarnelian.jpg (691502 bytes)

Real fancy gemstone chip necklaces...reasonable!

Prehistoric crocodile skulls

Stone Fountains and
Water Volcanoes

Hand carved/polished marble/fossil counter-top sink bowls

Large fossilized Mosasaurus jaws!



lizard-6_small.jpg (1729 bytes)

Crystal balls

Brazilian agate geodes

Split/polished half snails

Onyx Bookends

African Butterstone

Carved onyx geckos


nuegg-39_small.jpg (2258 bytes)

Dichroic glass pendants and earrings

Fossils in  polished eggs and spheres

Double terminated natural quartz crystals

contemplation/prayer stones

Hematite and gemstone rosaries

Polished free-form quartz...neat stuff!


Hand carved onyx Kokopellis

Fossil preparers stones with fossils embedded(Smokey Hill Kansas bi-valves

Rare and amazing product.  You will see them nowhere else!

Malachite mineral specimens

Chinese Jasper Bookends & Freeforms

Gold nugget jewelry!


Native copper crystals


Egyptian Scarabs

Carved Onyx Elephants

Jade carvings


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Bola ties


Exotic turquoise necklaces

Mexican opal cabachons

Polished ammonite fossils

Onyx Pyramids

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Polished peridot
for cabbing or faceting...nice!

Turquoise nuggets mine direct!

Laser cut quartz diamonds

Brazilian agate slab necklaces

Petrified shrimp in matrix for slabbing

hematite necklaces and crucifixes


Mortars & Pestles

Sauna rock

Carved/polished turquoise beads

Fire agate
free-forms and "windows"

Hand-Carved Onyx Dolphins

"Phantom" Chlorite crystals



Carved Onyx Horses

Hand Woven Baskets

Glass Jellyfish

Wind Chimes



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